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Frequently asked questions

FlexBox is a company running several modern warehouses in Geneva where you can safely store all your belongings.

Just choose a unit thats right for you, and store your goods or belongings anytime. Short or long term available. You can easily switch from a larger or a smaller unit at anytime. Self storage is flexible. Our storage experts are trained to save you time and money.

We take security seriously. Access to our facility is strictly controlled. You as the customer are the only one granted access to your unit with a padlock owned by you. Sophisticated and individual alarms guard each unit. There is also a 24h CCTV surveillance system, and security on patrol

Yes, you will need your own padlock so that you are the only one who has access to your unit. You can buy a secure but inexpensive padlock at the FlexBox front desk if you need one.

From only 57F / month, tax and insurance incl, for a locker in which 5 large luggage could fit in. However we have more than 20 different rates per unit size and per facility. Ask one of our Flexbox adviser!

Minimum stay is 14 days or a minimum charge of 100F

FlexBox bills monthly. For your convenience, there are several easy and automatic ways to pay.

Once the paperwork is complete, you can move in immediately!

FlexBox is simple: All you need is an ID, and a means of payment. Voila!

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, BVR or cash, LSV every month can be done easily. Great discounts offered for payment in advance.

Flexbox offers a safe place, pleasant and
comfortable to store your belongings.

With flexbox, make room for your life!

Choose your unit
Maximum Safety

24-hour video surveillance
Alarm on each unit
Security patrol


Fire protection
Temperature controlled
Pest prevention


From 1 to 50m2
Free transfer anytime
Prorata rental


Autonomous access 7/7
Unloading area
Handling material